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Dell EMC VxRail 4.7 Default Password List

Recently, I’ve had to factory reset a few VxRail nodes for some testing I’ve been doing and I thought it might be a good idea to publish the defaults that Dell EMC uses for VxRail running 4.7 code.

ComponentNetworking ConfigurationUsernameDefault Password
ESXi rootDHCProotPassw0rd!
vCenter Server ApplianceDefined at deploymentrootvmware
Platform Services ControllerDefined at deploymentrootvmware
vRealize Log InsightDHCProotPassw0rd!
VxRail Manager192.168.10.200rootPassw0rd!
VxRail Manager PluginDefined at deploymentrootPassw0rd!
VxRail Manager mysticVxRailManager@201602!
VxRail Manager Plugin mysticVBManager201415!

Hopefully this helps someone out there!…

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How to Cleanly Uninstall Legacy NSX and Trend Micro from ESXi

So I recently migrated from a vSphere 5.5 environment to 6.5 using the migration utility. Overall, I had a great experience with a few exceptions, both of which were my fault. We’ll cover one of them in this post.

We were running Trend Micro Deep Security, which means we had NSX deployed in support of that product throughout our environment. My thinking, incorrectly, was that after the vCenter upgrade, I could upgrade the existing NSX components of the environment and I would be off to the races!

That was a mistake, and I thought it might be worth it for me to share what I saw unfolding, and how I resolved the issues. So here goes…

After the vCenter upgrade was successful, I noticed that I no longer had an NSX manager registered, which was odd. I was seeing issues with DRS, and the only way to get around the virtual machines hanging and eventually erroring out during DRS triggered vMotions was to manually migrate the virtual machines to other hosts and place the affected host in Maintenance Mode while I took steps to remove all things NSX, Guest Introspection and Trend Micro.

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of how I …

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