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VxRail Composite Package Fails to Upload or Unpack

We’ve all been there. You’re staging your VxRail upgrade and the composite package fails to upload or unpack. You can use the commands below to find temporary files on the VxRail Manager appliance and remove them if you don’t have enough space to unpack them during the upgrade process.

This command will find all temporary files larger than 20MB.

find /tmp -type f -size +20000k -exec ls -lh {} \; | awk '{print $9":"$5}'

These commands will give you the total space used by logs, and find all log files older than 30 days.

du -sh /var/lib/pgsql/data/log

find /var/lib/pgsql/data/log -mtime +30 -exec ls -lh {} \; | awk '{print $9":"$5}'

Once you’ve found all of the logs older than 30 days, you can use this command to remove those logs.

find /var/lib/pgsql/data/log -mtime +30 -exec rm {} \; | awk '{print $9":"$5}'

This command will find all files larger than 200MB.

find / -type f -size +200000k -exec ls -lh {} \; | awk '{ print $9 ": " $5 }'

Of course, if you’re uncomfortable doing any of this – contact Dell VxRail support and have them walk through it with you. Don’t get caught deleting something accidentally.…

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