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Dell EMC VxRail 4.7 Default Password List

Recently, I’ve had to factory reset a few VxRail nodes for some testing I’ve been doing and I thought it might be a good idea to publish the defaults that Dell EMC uses for VxRail running 4.7 code.

ComponentNetworking ConfigurationUsernameDefault Password
ESXi rootDHCProotPassw0rd!
vCenter Server ApplianceDefined at deploymentrootvmware
Platform Services ControllerDefined at deploymentrootvmware
vRealize Log InsightDHCProotPassw0rd!
VxRail Manager192.168.10.200rootPassw0rd!
VxRail Manager PluginDefined at deploymentrootPassw0rd!
VxRail Manager mysticVxRailManager@201602!
VxRail Manager Plugin mysticVBManager201415!

Hopefully this helps someone out there!…

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