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Access a Dell EMC 14G iDRAC Using the USB Console Interface

Deploying infrastructure over the years has exposed some pretty useful shortcuts. It’s tedious to program an iDRAC using the front LED. Sometimes, unconfigured network switches hold up the entire configuration process. This method will allow you to hook up a USB console cable and control your iDRAC directly, which can be a life saver and makes configuration and deployment much easier and without the need for a network connection.

  1. Connect your laptop to the USB Management Port on the front of the PowerEdge or VxRail.
  2. Wait for your laptop to install the appropriate drivers.
  3. The USB interface on your laptop will be assigned an IP address of
  4. Open the browser of your choice.
  5. Browse to, which is the IP address assigned to the iDRAC USB interface.
  6. Log into the iDRAC as root.

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