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VDI Design Guide Part 2 (EUC Design Series)

In 2018, we wondered for the tenth time if it finally was the Year of VDI. Three years, craploads of Windows updates, endless logon processes, gazillions of yottabytes of remoted display data, and thousands of sold copies of the VDI Design Guide later, we can surely conclude that 2018 was NOT the Year of VDI.

Will it ever be the year? Like really ever? Well, if one year might be the actual one, it would probably be 2020. Sure, it really sucked from the obvious perspective, but it also turned out to be THE year that showed the true potential of End-User Computing (EUC). That potential is being explained in this book, the VDI Design Guide Part II!

Not only will it cover how the EUC ball game changed since Februari 2020 and what the impact is to organizations, IT, and the actual end user, it will also dive into a wide variety of use cases which have been enabled by all of the innovation in both software and hardware.

Based on the design methodology from the first book, you will learn how to design complex and unusual use cases such as data science on VDI, EUC-based virtual reality, VDI by Day / Compute by Night, and gaming. (YES, GAMING!)

Every section includes awesome contributions from industry legends such as Brian Madden, William Lam, Frank Denneman, Christian Reilly, Spencer Pitts, and Matt Coppinger.

Scott Forehand

Scott is an experienced professional and recognized leader specializing in the design and implementation of enterprise virtualization, enterprise storage, server infrastructures and operations. A self-starter able to work both independently and in a team-oriented environment, Scott has a proven ability to create and automate solutions to improve productivity, reliability and performance. Throughout his professional career, Scott has proven successes implementing technology and service improvement initiatives and has a demonstrated ability to think strategically about business, create technical definition around objectives in complex situations, develop solution strategies, motivate and mobilize resources, and deliver end-to-end technology solutions. Scott has achieved multiple industry recognized certifications in virtualization, networking, cloud, storage, converged infrastructure, hyperconverged infrastructure and other technologies, and is honored to be a VMware vExpert in 2018-2022, and vExpert EUC 2020-2022.